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A dream trip to the Phi Phi island

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is composed of six smaller islands that are located in near distances. Phi Phi Island is located 50km east of Phuket, which is part of Phi Phi National Park. That's why people who go to Phuket like to have Phi Phi Island trip from Phuket. It's not possible to travel to the Phi Phi Island through the plane, which is why people who want to travel to the island should go to the Phi Phi Island tour by big boat. You are going to see a lot of limestone rocks, caves, sand beaches, and many others here in the island.

The island is also full of hidden caves and you should spend a time to discover them. You also can walk through the beautiful jungles, which are among the best tropical ones in the world, and see the beauties of the nature. The Phi Phi Island Tour is a great opportunity for those who are tired of everyday life and are looking to enjoy an enjoyable experience in the quiet, pleasant, and sunny sunshine beach.


According to archeologists and discoveries, phi phi islands an ancient island. Its creation time is estimated to return back to prehistory. This part of Phuket, whose names origins from Krabi (sword), is believed to be the sword that was taken out of the ground when this island was discovered.

The name of “Phi Phi” originates from a Malay name. the original name of phi phi island was Pulau Api-Api in the past, which means fire island.

If we were going to divide phi phi island into two parts, a part would be named Phi Phi Leh and the other one would be named Phi Phi Don. The former is smaller with no resident, while the latter is larger and full of native people and tourists. This is why the development of Phi Phi Island is beholden to the native people residing in Ton Sai village at Phi Phi Don. There are a large number of hotels, beautiful restaurants, special bars, and finally, awesome beaches with water sports in Phi Phi Island designed and constructed for the visitors. If you want to travel to the Phi Phi Island by an exceptional price, visit the site https://www.phuket-package.com

The Six Islands Forming Phi Phi Island

Ko Phi Phi Don: It is the largest island in Phi Phi Islands and also the only island that had residents. Its climate is tropical. There are different super markets, restaurants, bars, tattoo salons, banks, and ATMs here in this island. 80% of its people are Muslims.

Ko Phi Phi Leh: It is a small island in the south of Phi Phi Islands. No one lives there except a number of people who work as servants and guards cleaning and maintaining Maya Bay. This island gained its popularity when the movie Beach directed by Danny Boyle was made here, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing as an actor in it. It will cost you 100 Baht to visit this island, which is not included to the total price offered by tourism tours to the visitors.

Ko Mai Phai: It is known as The Island of Bamboo Trees. This island is located at the north of Ko Phi Phi Island. There are limited diving facilities in this island.

Ko Yung: This island is also located at the north of Ko Phi Phi Don Island with a large stone beach and a small sand beach. Remember to walk carefully in this place and have shoes with you as you are probably going to see pieces of corals and hedgehogs on the beach there and if you are not wearing shoes, they possibly will hurt your feet.

Bida Nok and Bida Nai: these are two limestone islands located at the south of Phi Phi Leh Island. In these islands, there are very large and tall stone rocks coming out of the water.

Considering that most of the people who live in Phi Phi Don Islands are Muslims, it is recommended not to choose very open dressings.

Activities you can do here in Phi Phi Island are diving, rock climbing, Yoga, boating, jumping from the cliffs, watching tropical birds, surfing, fishing, etc.

The best time to see rare birds here is from January to the late April.

Interesting places to see in Phi Phi Island

Viewpoint: It is 186m above the sea level. You are going to have an overall view of the islands at the end point there. It is better to be there at sunset and watch this beautiful view in a calm and silent space.

Monkeys Beach: there are a lot of monkeys in this beach some of which are aggressive and may attack you. Thus, avoid feeding these monkeys and just enjoy the natural views of the beach.

Tsunami Memorial Garden: As it can be found from the name, it is named after the people who died in Tsunami and got buried here.

Phaya Naak Cave: it is a large and beautiful cave with paintings and manuscripts on its internal walls.

Beautiful Beaches and Bays in the Island are Yao Beach, Lanti Beach, Hin Khao Beach, Ton Sai Bay, Lihsamah Bay, and Maya Bay. You can travel by boat to the Phi Phi Islands and enjoy the wonderful nature of these islands. You can see a variety of Phi Phi Island tour package on the https://www.phuket-package.com

How to go to Phi Phi Island

To go to Phi Phi Island, you just need either to use private ships that are very fast and will take you there in 45 minutes or to choose public boats and ships which are cheaper and will take you there in 90 minutes. Using the Phi Phi Island tour by speed boat, you can make a dream journey. One of the most fascinating ways to travel to Phi Phi Islands is traveling by boat. You can even have a swimming time in the way to Phi Phi Islands but of course it will be much more enjoyable to swim in Phi Phi stones (it will probably be the best swimming experience of your life). We in https://www.phuket-package.com offer you the best Phi Phi Islands tour cost.

Hire a Long-Tailed Boat

Like other visitors of this place, you can hire a long-tailed boat with 4 people of capacity and go around the place for 6 hours. The visiting tours that are organized on these boats will stop in places like Bamboo island, Maskito island, Maya bay, Ton Say village, etc. where you can go shopping, swimming, and snorkeling. We propose that, if you could, you arrange you plan in a way to be in the sea as sunset and enjoy the highly beautiful view.

Snorkeling In Hat Yao

If you are going to stay only one day in Phi Phi Island, you have to include this exciting activity in your plan. This destination that is very suitable for a one-day trip with clear water and a warm weather, will give you a greater chance to see colorful and beautiful sea creatures.