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Adventure Tour: Hanuman World

Phuket, Thailand (75)
from/per person THB1650
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Tour Rate

Tour Name Adult Children
World A : Zipline 30 Plat + Sky Walk With Meal 2,400 THB
2,925 THB
2,400 THB
2,925 THB
World B+ : Zipline 16 Plat + Sky Walk + Roller 2,400 THB
2,925 THB
2,400 THB
2,925 THB
World B : Zipline 16 Plat + Sky Walk 1,900 THB
2,315 THB
1,900 THB
2,315 THB
World C : Zipline 7 Plat + Sky Walk 1,650 THB
2,010 THB
1,650 THB
2,010 THB

Tour Schedule

  • 7:00 AM
  • 9:00 AM
  • 12:00 PM
  • 2:00 PM

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Tour Description

Hanuman World Phuket is the ultimate adventure day out. Come electrify your senses as your climb, swing, fly, soar, and walk through a magical outdoor wonderland.

See the life that grows here. Feel the air and excitement. Listen to the environment breathing. Smell the rich air. And even taste what nature provides both out on the treetops and in our restaurant. Hanuman World is a total adventure from beginning to end.

Hanuman World gives you a slice of the time when this monkey god showed that he had no limits, feared nothing, and would do everything to reach his goal. Just like a dedicated adventurer should. You will soar across the hillsides, skimming the ground and spiraling around the trees, gliding through the branches and becoming one with Hanuman’s treetop home.

Our friendly and highly trained guides will guide you from the beginning to the end of your adventure in complete safety and comfort. And beyond adventure, you’ll learn a thing or two about Phuket’s diverse natural ecosystem along the way.


On a zipline, you are closer to heaven, not only because of the height, but because you are doing what Hanuman does best – flying! You’ll glide with great speed across the natural landscape just as easily as Hanuman can. You will understand the sensation of being where the world’s beauty is matched by the power of the Gods. Flying through the treetops is a thrill that has to be experienced to be believed.

Sky Walk

Up on our sky bridges, you’ll move about the treetops as Hanuman does, living high above the ground, overlooking the world below. You’ll eat and drink as Hanuman does and learn about how he protects his beautiful forest. This is a journey through history and myth. It is as much an education as an adventure. Only by walking in nature’s footsteps can you appreciate how beautiful and vulnerable she is.

Roller Zipline

If the ziplining didn’t get your heart racing – this will! The 800-meter-long Roller Zipline is a challenging course designed around nature, it twists and curves it’s way down the slope at approximately 40 km/hr. This activity is made for adrenaline junkies who love a thrill ride and aren’t scared to experience new things at maximum speed. Come experience the fastest roller zipline in Thailand!

Wanon Restaurant Phuket

Adventure takes a lot of energy, especially when it follows in the footsteps of Hanuman. We have what you need at our restaurant, which serves authentic and simple Thai cuisine. After a challenging few hours of swinging through the trees like Tarzan or rolling down hillsides at top speed, come relax over a cool drink and plate of delicious food with family and friends.

30 Platforms *

  • 16 Ziplines
  • 2 Sky Bridges
  • 3 Abseil Points
  • 1 Honeymoon Sling
  • 2 Spiral Staircases

16 Platforms **

  • 10 Ziplines
  • 1 Sky Bridges
  • 3 Abseil Points
  • 1 Honeymoon Sling
  • 1 Spiral Stairways

7 Platforms ***

  • 3 Ziplines
  • 2 Abseil Points
  • 1 Spiral Staircase

Top Reasons to Choose Flying Hanuman World Phuket

  • Eco-friendly: The site of Flying Hanuman stands almost exactly as it did before construction began.
  • Family-friendly: Flying Hanuman is an adventure for all the family (Note: minimum age for kids is 4+).
  • Safety Guaranteed: The course is thoroughly maintained and staffed by a team of professionals.
  • Great Value: Our Hanuman World Phuket price is the absolute best value in town.
  • Free Transfers: For all online bookings, we’ll get you to and from the course and your hotel for free.